Now that the packages for our Fruit Crunchies are printed and the packaging machines are running on full speed, it is time to take a step back and recognize the great achievement of our design agency. For more than one year we have now been working with the team of Spark Design & Communication in Bishkek. We are convinced they have created an excellent design concept – even though the work with a start-up like MySnax is not always easy.


Spark Design – this is Richard, Zoya, Fatima, and Joerg (see picture, from left) – is a small but fine team, that deals with product and packaging design, but also with publications and other design topics. Their work approach has impressed us a lot, in particular the ability to turn a vague product vision into something tangible and appealing. They really benefit from their huge experience and their team’s international/inter-cultural mixture. They handle projects in Europe (for example for Sainsbury’s in England) just as convincingly as projects for international organizations (such as the World Bank) or smaller-scale jobs in Central Asia (for example for one of our earlier projects Kyrgyz Konfekt). By the way, Spark has also developed the MySnax logo – we’ll probably get back to this in a later post.

Spark’s Fruit Crunchy packages recently made it onto the shortlist of the Red Jolbors Festival – the most important advertising and design event in Central Asia. We are optimistic that we will see more Spark-designed Fruit Crunchy packages in the future. We have plenty of ideas for more 🙂